Glassdoor is an online job search and review platform for people seeking new opportunities. They can search for jobs that fit their qualifications, gain insights into certain companies, or compare salaries—features offered by Glassdoor that assist them in the decision-making process.

In addition to finding open jobs, job seekers search Glassdoor for the anonymous reviews current and past employees leave on their employers. Job seekers often use Glassdoor in conjunction with prospective employers’ LinkedIn and Facebook pages to try and get a more thorough understanding of the potential employer.

How Glassdoor works 

Job seekers will find in Glassdoor a place to search for jobs that fit their talents, skills, qualifications, and salary requirements. It is free and easy to use. A user can: 

  • Create an account with a profile photo, skills listing, résumé, and links to a portfolio of their past work
  • Search for opportunities 
  • Learn about the potential employer 
  • Apply for a job 
  • Prepare for an interview

Who is it for?

Glassdoor is for people looking for greener pastures elsewhere, away from their current employment. It is also for first-time job seekers who want to prove their worth in a company where they can see themselves as a better fit.

Employers find a jobs board platform to post job openings and filter applicants based on their preferred requirements and qualifications.

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What are Glassdoor’s features? 

Glassdoor provides job seekers with the following:

  • Latest job vacancies in different categories, such as location, industry, position, etc.;  
  • Crowdsourced ratings and reviews by users who are current or former employees of a particular company;
  • CEO approval ratings that provide job applicants with an overview of the company leadership; 
  • Insights into the salary, benefits, and compensation which are useful in deciding whether to fill out a job application;
  • General ideas and tips on interview questions; and
  • Office photos and other relevant information.

What makes Glassdoor stand out is that the information is well-researched, so job seekers will have made an informed decision when moving to a new chapter in their chosen careers. 

Benefits of using Glassdoor

Both job seekers and employers can benefit from Glassdoor’s platform as: 

  • Anyone can use it for free; 
  • Company reviews are crowdsourced, so more or less, users can compare and analyze the company from multiple perspectives; and 
  • It matches potential employees with the right company and job.

What are some alternatives to Glassdoor?

Glassdoor’s sister site, Indeed, is where employers can pay to post job openings. The job openings on Indeed also appear on Glassdoor. 

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where they can market themselves to potential employers or business partners. This platform appeals to university-educated professionals. 

Upwork is a freelance platform where gig workers can bid for part-time or full-time jobs. It’s designed for those not seeking full-time employment in a single company.

Kelvene Requiroso
Kelvene Requiroso is a writer and an enthusiast interested in the interplay between technology and everyday life. He writes for TechnologyAdvice, Baseline, eSecurity Planet, and Webopedia. Also a lover of science fiction and fantasy, he publishes an ongoing web novel series. He has previously worked with non-profits and non-government organizations in Manila, Philippines.

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